Personal Care Agencies vs. Home Health Agencies

According to recent census data, 20% of Hawaii’s population is aged 55 years or older. It is estimated that 90% of adults older than 65 will have one or more chronic health problem. This leads to a large portion of the Hawaiian population that will need some level of care at some point in their lifetime. This number of people in Hawaii needing care rises when you consider the number of Hawaiian people under the age of 55 years old that also need some form of consistent medical care or attention.

Importance of Both Agencies

Many of the seniors of Hawaii that are receiving home care services would, otherwise, be living in a assisted-living center or some other kind of long-term care facility. Personal care agencies and Home health agencies both serve to provide in home options that allow Hawaii’s aging population to remain independent and in familiar settings, while also reducing the cost on aging.


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Differences Between Personal Care and Home Care

You should always make sure that the home care agency that you choose is licensed and insured in accordance with the state of Hawaii. This ensures the highest quality of health care, as well as personal care, possible. Personal Care Agencies may be required to have the same licenses or insurance because typically Personal Care Agencies do not provide the same level of care or treatment as Home Care Agencies do. Here is the major difference:


• Personal Care Agencies

Care services offered by Personal Care Agencies are provided by a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) or Personal Care Assistant (PCA), this type of care includes help with everyday basic tasks, such as cleaning, cooking, bathing, grooming and toileting. Personal Care Assistants can remind elderly clients to take their medication, but they cannot provide medical care.


• Home Health Agencies

Home Health Agencies serve patients who need frequent medical treatment along with personal care, and are typically run by registered nurses or other health care administrators. State and federal laws regulate these agencies, and they are often Medicare and Medicaid certified, which means federal financial assistance through those programs might be available.

Payment Options for Personal Care and Home Care

Personal Care Agencies are not typically able to be covered under Medicare or Medicaid, so expenses generally have to be paid by the patient or the patient’s family out of pocket. Depending on the frequency of care, this could be a little pricier.


When it comes to paying a Home Care Agency, there are a few more options available. Here are the most common payment methods for Home Care Agencies:


• Cash: Those that have the means may pay out of pocket.


• Medicare or Medicaid: Choosing a Home Care Agency that meets the Federal Government standards and regulations should also be set up toreceive Medicare and Medicaid payments.


• Insurance: Private insurance or Personal Policies can also be used to fund home health care.

Assessing what Type of Care is Best for Your Family

The first step, after learning about all the possible options for care, is to contact a Home Care Agency, like B-Homecare, to set up a needs assessment. A trained professional from a Home Care Agency will meet with your loved one and any family members to assess the level of care that is required. A personalized home health care plan will be created, based on hourly needs and physical limitations/medical issues.


Whether your loved one may need some one just for the night to help with bathroom breaks, respite care, or long term health care services, choose the Home Care Agency that is best qualified, meets your family’s needs, and work best within your framework.

If you would like to learn more about how B-Homecare can help you or your loved one, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You are not committed to any services by speaking with one of our knowledgeable staff. We would be excited to be help you to learn more and welcome the opportunity to try to help!

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