Many families in Hawaii find themselves in a position of needing to care for a loved one. Finding the right care solution can be difficult and all of the information needs to be carefully considered before choosing the care plan that is right for your family. That is why, at B-Homecare, we are always working to provide the most accurate resources for the communities of Hawaii. Below you will find 8 of the biggest reasons why in home health care is one of the best solutions to take care of an aging family member, whether that family member needs just a little or a whole lot of help.

Top Reasons to Choose Home Health Care

Being in a situation where home healthcare is not only and option, but the option for care, can be a stressful and difficult time for any family. There are feelings of guilt for wanting to be able to do more for the loved on that needs care. There can also be feelings of confusion, anxiety, and generally unknowing about the home healthcare process. That's why it's important to collect as much information as possible. Part of that information gathering process is speaking with knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate members of the home care industry. At B-Homecare, we strive to answer all questions regarding home healthcare as thoroughly as possible, while taking the time to listen and understand your family’s specific needs.


Below, we’ve assembled a list of the top 8 reasons for why choosing home care services will be the best option for when your family member or loved one needs assistance in their daily life.

1. Homecare Services Promote Healing.

Homecare services promote a better quality of life for our clients, which many families have said, and also help to extend and prolong the lives of your loved ones. At B-Homecare, our caregivers are focused on healing the mind, not just the body, by spending quality time with each of our clients, providing companionship and someone to interact with. In many cases the person rehabilitates better in the comfort of their own home and also retains their dignity and independence by not having to feel like a patient in a healthcare facility. By remaining in a safe and familiar environment our clients are more comfortable. This is especially true with individuals that are suffering from forms of dementia.

2. Homecare Services are Safe

There are increased risks to patients in healthcare facilities, like infection or sickness, which are completely eliminated or drastically minimized when healthcare is provided in the privacy of our patient’s homes. Home healthcare services, provided by professional caregivers, can also better address other health issues like fall prevention, cleaning or bathing, or anxiety. Being in a familiar setting that is properly equipped with fall prevention apparatus makes getting around easier, reduces the stress of unfamiliar surroundings, and allows activities of daily living, like bathing, to be more convenient.

3. Homecare Allows for More Freedom

Patients who receive healthcare in their own home are free to be as engaged with their routine and activities of daily living as their health will permit. Receiving in home care also allows patients to receive care in, quite possibly, the least restrictive environments possible. This provides the most conducive patient-centered care possible, which allows individuals the absolute most control over the care they'll receive and the manner in which they receive it. Home healthcare also allows patients to remain living in their community, surrounded by their friends, neighbors and familiar settings.

4. Homecare Gives Patients the Control

Aging and elderly people choose homecare over receiving healthcare in a facility because in home healthcare gives the patients more control. Patients want to have more choices and patients also want to actively participant in their own care plan. In home health care allows them the most input in their care plan, as in home healthcare is least passive option to receiving the treatment and care that the individual may need.

5. Personalized Healthcare for Individual Needs

Probably one of the best reasons to choose in home care is because the healthcare that will be received will be individualized and tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient according to their limitations and disabilities. In home health care is tailored around the needs of each patient as they receive one-on-one attention rather than the patient having to accept a one-size-fits-all approach that most care facilities offer. Not only does this provide the best unique care available, but it also keeps from families of loved ones paying for services that are unnecessary and expensive.

6. Home Healthcare Lessons the Burden on Families

Because of overcrowded and understaffed hospitals, many patients are sent home as early as possible to free up space for the next patient. Many of these people that are early released do not go to any secondary type of rehabilitation center to fully recover. Instead, many of these patients go home to their own environment with their loved ones and have to rely on someone in their family to provide them with care they'll need to reach their maximum level of function. Although families are more than willing to have their loved ones with them, but may feel inadequate, unknowledgeable, or unable to provide their loved ones with the help or care that they need. Family members can also reach the point of burn out and feel drained if they are having to provide significant levels of care, around the clock, to meet the needs of the person requiring assistance. This can lead to tension with the loved on, rather than being able to spend quality time as loving family members.

7. In Home Healthcare is Much More Comfortable

Many studies have been done, which have shown that people prefer to stay in their home versus going to a nursing home or healthcare facility. The home provides care patients with familiarity and the comfort of being in one's own environment surrounded by their loved ones. In home healthcare is the type of quality care that most people would want and choose for their senior relatives.

8. Home Healthcare Costs Significantly Less

Home Healthcare Costs Significantly Less than many Other Forms of Care

Having a caregiver provide in home health care cost significantly less money, in most cases, than it would to rely on a senior living home or healthcare facility. Many senior living homes, like some located in Hawaii, can cost more than $10,000 a month to the families of loved ones who are receiving care. This is an expense that most people simply can’t afford. Whereas, basic levels of in home health care will cost fractions of that amount. The social cost of living away from family and loved ones also is a heavy price for patients to pay, as unfamiliar surroundings can often lead to worsening of current symptoms and also increased levels of depression, anxiety, stress, and loneliness.

If you would like to learn more about how B-Homecare can help you or your loved one, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You are not committed to any services by speaking with one of our knowledgeable staff. We would be excited to be help you to learn more and welcome the opportunity to try to help!

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